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a) They were trying to determine whether or not the WR had made the catch. The Browns could not challenge, but they could call a timeout to "give the refs time" to review the play. Generally, by rule, once the next play has been run, the previous play can no longer be reviewed. Inside 2 minute left in either half, all reviews are initiated by the "booth." Sometimes it takes "the booth" longer to decide to review a play than the teams on the field want to give them, so one of the teams will take a timeout to give them that time.

The 10 second runoff is explained here:

Basically this instance was because of "Instant replay overturns a call on the field and the correct ruling would not stop the game clock."

b) When the Ravens intercepted the ball, there was 1:02 on the clock and the Browns only had 1 timeout left, IIRC. Everyone in the building knew that there was no way the Ravens were actually going to run a play, they were just going to kneel three times, so the game was essentially over the moment the INT occurred.