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a) The ten-second runoff is required because the end of the play occurred inbounds and the review is not supposed to constitute a free timeout/stopping of the clock. It was determined that it takes a certain amount of time to bring everybody up to the new line of scrimmage and run a play and ten seconds was decided upon as the number. Note that they also started the clock right away after the ball was placed.

b) Cleveland didn’t have enough timeouts to keep the Ratbirds from running out the clock via Victory formation. Baltimore didn’t have to run a play. As for the celebrations, the No Fun League decided to let them have fun, even though the fun they’re having is tedious and dumb, but as long as they don’t use props they can now do whatever.

As for the Steelers’ playoff chances, the Rats won the division by virtue of total wins. Pittsburgh missed the playoffs by a half-game because of the tie. Had they lost the Steelers would have taken the division.

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