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Originally Posted by Jinx View Post
Ok, about my 2nd question: If Baltimore did not have to run a play, isn't that delay of game??? A lot can happen in a minute otherwise ALL games would just not bother playing the last minute.
There is a countdown clock that runs between plays; if the team with the ball doesn't start the next play before the clock reaches zero, they get a penalty for delay of game. And the penalty stops the game clock, so a team can't just take delay after delay to run out the last few minutes of a game they're winning.

The countdown clock between plays is 45 seconds. If there really was a full minute left, Baltimore should have had to run at least one play. But as Atamasama described, they don't have to do anything on the play except kneel down. It can be very anti-climactic. Maybe there wasn't a full minute left, maybe the TV coverage didn't show the final play, maybe you looked away and missed it.