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Originally Posted by Atamasama View Post
1) Spiking - The QB throws the ball directly into the ground. This is considered an incomplete pass. An incomplete pass stops the clock. This is used often when the clock is running, the offense needs to stop it, and is willing to sacrifice a down to do it. It’s especially handy if you want to save a timeout (another way to stop the clock) or have no timeouts to spare.

It’s also possible to screw it up. I remember seeing a rookie QB this year (can’t remember which one) who got confused and spiked when he was supposed to kneel. (Or vice versa? Again my memory is foggy.)
I believe the play you are referring to was Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs late in the first half against the Browns this year. Chiefs had the ball, 1 timeout left, and were trying to get into FG position. They ran a play and completed a pass in the middle of the field with 8 seconds left and were hustling to get into position to spike the ball. But, Cleveland had been flagged for offsides on the play; even though KC didn't accept the penalty, the clock was stopped until the next snap. But Mahomes lined up under center, took the snap, and spiked the ball. But because the clock wasn't running, it was ruled intentional grounding. KC had to burn their timeout to avoid the 10 second runoff and ended up with nothing on the drive.

In short, the clock MUST be running for a spike to be legal.

Here's an explanation of that play:

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