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Originally Posted by Procrustus View Post
Correct. The wimps are the teams that take a knee before halftime rather than try to score. At the end of the game, if you're winning, you want the clock to run out.
That’s debatable but an argument can be made that you want to go into halftime with the best score you can, to make it easier to regain a lead or make it more difficult for an opponent to make a comeback.

Though I’d argue that if the ball gets punted to you with 15 seconds on the clock and you’re at your own 5 yard line the smart thing to do is kneel it. If something goes wrong you risk a safety or a turnover easily turned into a TD and there’s little-to-no chance of actually getting any points in that field position with so little time left. Anyone who went for desperation points in that situation would be rightfully ridiculed and it’s not “wimpy” to do the only non-stupid thing.