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Originally Posted by Cell Guy View Post
WWE wishes they could put out matches like these[/snip].
The worst part is that with their roster, they could.
[rant from an old territory guy] I keep up with WWE through YouTube videos and stuff like this thread. I have Hulu and stopped watching the WWE shows last year.
All the major feds over the years have made the same mistake; thinking that the initials are more important than the wrestlers.
I didn't turn on TBS at 3:05 (PST) because NWA or Georgia Championship Wrestling was on. I turned it on because I got to find out if Dusty Rhodes finally got over on that snake, Tully Blanchard. What evil things did The Road Warriors do? Even though the Midnight Express were “cheaters,” did they deserve THAT level of brutality?
The squashes weren't that entertaining but they weren't meant to be. The TV shows were just an ad (aah trayluur, if ya will) for the live shows.
So, now the TV show is the thing, how do you replace squash matches with competitive matches that aren't part of an angle?
Just an idea; give every belt a “top ten.” Every belt has nine people directly under them and the top five can challenge the belt holder, OR anybody in the top ten can challenge above them for their spot. No personal feuds, but lots of matches.
Sorry for the rant - DESK[/rant from an old territory guy]