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Originally Posted by D.E.S.K.Top668 View Post
I didn't turn on TBS at 3:05 (PST) because NWA or Georgia Championship Wrestling was on. I turned it on because I got to find out if Dusty Rhodes finally got over on that snake, Tully Blanchard.
Speaking of Dusty and Tully, Baby Doll (that...that...she's a...JEZEBEL) was on Busted Open recently, and the host wanted her to reveal just what was in "the envelope" she gave Dusty back in the day, but, in part because Tommy Dreamer (who claims Dusty told him how that angle was supposed to be resolved) told her not to on the air, she wouldn't say.

The quick version: back in 1988, Baby Doll, who was now Larry Zybysko's valet, tried to blackmail Dusty with a photograph inside of a manila envelope, which she would make public if Dusty didn't give Zybysko a US title shot, but when Baby Doll was fired (offstage) by WCW, they dropped the angle by having Dusty remind everybody that, in 1985, a stipulation in a match he had with Tully said that Dusty would get Baby Doll for "thuddy daze" (this happened; a week or two after the match, they had a bit where Dusty made Baby Doll work at a horse ranch, but when he let her actually get on a horse, she rode off).