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Originally Posted by Gatopescado View Post
2005 Orange Bowl.

Undefeated Oklahoma gets 55 points nailed to them by undefeated USC.
This is actually a pretty good candidate. USC was favored by only one point and murdered them on live television.

I still think the Redskins, a 3-point favorite, a defending Super Bowl Champ, and a team that entered the Super Bowl with a record of 16-2 getting blown out by the Raiders is slightly better. But the 2004/5 Orange Bowl is pretty much right up there with Super Bowl 18.

Actually, Alabama losing to Clemson might be the winner if you judge according to the criteria I've laid out: a defending national champion, competing in a title game attempting to get it's second straight championship, and favored to win - by 5.5 points in this case.

So I guess maybe it's Alabama in 2018/19

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