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Originally Posted by Smapti View Post
So the biggest news from today's AEW rally is that their next PPV, "Double or Nothing", will be emanating from the MGM Grand in Vegas on May 25th.

Chris Jericho and PAC (formerly Adrian Neville) have been announced as signees along with most of the Elite regulars, with Billy Gunn being announced as a producer. No news on Kenny Omega, who's declared that he's officially done with New Japan but reportedly has a huge offer on the table from WWE.
They also signed Christopher Daniels' group (whatever it's called) and also Adam Cole Bay-Bay in Britt Baker and finally they seemed to indicate they had a deal with a Chinese company (which should make Trips kinda mad)

A wrestling twitter that is, according to my facebook group, usually right about these things, says Kenny is waiting until his contract runs out on the 31st and then will sign with AEW.

I wasn't necessarily underwhelmed by the event, but I was hoping for a tad more. I mean, other than saying "we're going to pay a lot" and "women will get equal pay to the men" they didn't announce much of anything else that could really threaten to shake up wrestling. No TV deal announced and barely any roster aside frm the obvious ones and Jericho.

My prediction is most of the Impact/Lucha Underground roster is going to make appearances in the promotion and when all is said and done AEW is going to be no bigger/better than PWG or Defy or any of those
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