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Law & Order had a storyline like this. Turned out the victim's mother wanted a grandchild and paid some dude to knock-up her daughter. Lots of legal highjinks ensued.
Not quite, IIRC. Her doctor impregnated her to get stem cells to help his wealthy patient, who had Parkinson's. The mother wanted to keep the baby because it was her grandchild and she was herself against abortion. I think this was an SVU episode.
From my memory, that's two different episodes. One, a man confessed to a rape he did not commit (turned out mentally handicapped girl/woman had sex with a mentally handicapped boy/man - can't recall ages there), to avoid getting caught for the one he did. That was the one where the patient's parents hired the rapist because they wanted a grandchild (their daughter miscarried from the accident that killed her husband and put her in a coma). A completely separate episode had the artificial insemination and the I remember the argument that she the patient was an organ donor, so she would have been okay with this. The owner of the sperm then sued for custody (woman's parent(s) wanted custody, too), but that seemed to be about getting the cord blood/stem cells. I wouldn't swear both were L&O, but I was thinking they were.

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