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I find there are two types of hiccups: the kind that is caused by an immediate stimulus that I can remove simply by removing the stimulus (usually by swallowing, possibly with water to help, but sometimes just by holding things still), and the kind that gets triggered and doesn't want to stop. I haven't had the latter in years.

Still, as such, it would be possible the OP had the second kind first, and they happened to stop as you told them to. But, since then, you've only had the second kind, and they resolved quickly on their own, or after you subconciously swallow to stop them.

A weird thing I have is that certain types of coughs will cause a single hiccup at the same time. It actually seems to get in the way of coughing something up.

And don't praise my inability to have long hiccup fits. It may be coincidence, but I seem to have traded them for the occasional laryngspasm, where you larynx locks into place and you feel you can't breathe for about a minute. You can breath, but only if you don't try too hard, and your instinct is to try (especially right upon waking, which is when the most often happen to me.)