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Originally Posted by zoid View Post
I think it's just the way these guys are wired that they are extremely sexually attracted to juveniles. If it were unacceptable for me to have sex with women I couldnít shut those feelings off. Even if I knew I was going to jail if I tried to have sex with a woman Iíd probably end up in jail at some point.
I donít think itís stupid as much as itís a very strong impulse and itís difficult to control.
Just to be clear Iím not defending the actions of these people but I donít think itís pure stupidity.
Maybe, but the episodes I watched tonight, they physically saw the women (undercover agent) and they will still interested. The undercover woman was at least 18. If they are attracted to an 18 year old, why risk prison for someone younger than that? It just seems ridiculous to me.