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Originally Posted by manson1972 View Post
Maybe, but the episodes I watched tonight, they physically saw the women (undercover agent) and they will still interested. The undercover woman was at least 18. If they are attracted to an 18 year old, why risk prison for someone younger than that? It just seems ridiculous to me.
Like zoid said, they're attracted to underaged girls. Or rather, they're attracted to something about the physical attributes of a 16 year old girl (+/- a few years).
It's been a while since I've watched it, but when the guy shows up at the house, he only catches a quick glimpse of her before she takes off for another room, right? Possibly not enough time to decide that's not who he'd been talking to or saw pictures of, especially when he's almost guaranteed to get laid in the next 45 minutes.

Imagine if you were only attracted to red heads and after some back and forth emails set up a time and date to meet one, specifically for sex. When you arrived she was more of a dark strawberry blonde...would you take a pass on the sex? If she pulled off her wig and revealed herself to be a brunette, would you now be attracted to brunettes as well?

The part that's always really bugged me about the show is that the predator has, the entire time, been exchanging emails with an FBI agent or police officer posing as an underaged kid. He then gets arrested for attempting to have sex with this underaged kid that doesn't exist. I understand that the emails and chat transcripts make it very clear that he understands her age and that he's coming over for sex (and often bringing alcohol as well).
I also understand that this is probably someone you want off the streets. My issue has always been that since it's not an underaged kid he's talking to, no underaged kid has ever been involved in any part of this, can't he argue that he knew the person he was talking to wasn't an underaged kid, even if "she" said she was?