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There are youtube channels of guys who take it upon themselves to do this kind of work, going into chat rooms posing as someone under the age of consent and agreeing to a meeting in a public place. The aim seems to be to confront and scare the shit, psychologically speaking, out of the guy who gets caught in order to deter this. It's definitely more gritty and less of a template deal watching that versus the To Catch A Predator formula. It's beyond me what legal implications this dangerous work could bring about and whether law enforcement agencies ever monitor people involved. One such vigilante is named Justin Payne. I watched him a bit a couple years ago. He actually does the whole 9 yards of sounding like children around the age of puberty and has conversations on the phone with some of these would be perps beforehand.

I've heard controversial things about Perverted Justice, the organization that To Catch A Predator teamed up with to produce that show. At the very least, the guys who founded it do not have clean records.