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Good Mornin' Y'all! Up and caffeinatin'. *YAWN* 'Tis 61 Amurrkin out and rainy with a predicted high of 65 with rain endin' sometime this mornin' and then becomin' partly cloudy. Does partly cloudy mean mostly N.O.S.? The big plan of the day is to deheathenate and then back to da cave for N.O.L.. I made the soup last night. I sampled it and pronounced it good. I shall heat up the soup and make cornbread. YUM!

To all you with snow, better thee than me.

Shades here's hopin' you get through the day with minimal bloodshed.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Purtification for deheathenization and the donnin' of appropriate bein' in public attire must also commence at some point. Le sigh.

Happy Sunday Y'all!