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I too beheld NKY: UK Takeover and liked the tag match and UK championship match. I had no idea who WALTER was. I thought he looked like a brawler type, but that superkick he give Coffee looked pretty sharp.

I like that there's no pretty boys in NXT: UK, except for maybe Tyler Bate. They're bearded, disfigured, tatooed, pot bellied, got crooked teeth, and could scare the ugly off an ape. The audience does their soccer/football chants, and I have to google their irony.

I'm glad WWE acknowledged that Nigel McGuiness actually worked for RoH and Impact, but I thought his lavish devotion to WWE was a bit phony. I'm glad he managed to recover from having to retire from action. He had some tough breaks. They showed some behind-the-scenes footage of him planning broadcasts with Mauro, as well as him talking shop with the UK wrestlers. He truly bled for the cause.