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I suspect an issue at play (for some of the men at least) is the appeal of a female who lacks the mental/emotional maturity of women more appropriate to their age ranges. These men utterly lack the social skills to relate to/date/flirt with women their age, so they take advantage of those with little-to-no experience to know better.
This has always been my best guess. The prefrontal cortex is basically the last part of the teenage brain to develop. Available evidence indicates that teens are able to evaluate risk, but their brains over-emphasize the perceived rewards of risky behavior. At the same time, they have less capacity to self-regulate their behavior because the prefontal cortex is still underdeveloped. And to top it all off, they lack the experience necessary to evaluate what is and is not 'okay' in their model of a healthy and rewarding relationship.

These girls are at an age where they are physically becoming mature, but the sexual predator's interest is in finding someone who will not say 'no,' or defend their boundaries, or demand the reciprocity that comes with having a mature relationship.

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I am surprised that these men believe it's actually a 14 year old girl they are talking with. As a middle aged man myself I'd be instantly suspicious if a 14 year old girl agreed to meet with me.
I have no explanation for this. I suppose we should be thankful that these people are so often incompetent.

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