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Originally Posted by Rhiannon8404 View Post
I love pie. Pie is my favorite. I will always choose pie. I would not want my pie desecrated by cake.
As good as cake is, I agree with this sentiment. Pie is always better (except pecan pie, which I can't eat because of nut allergy). Sadly, though, pie is harder to make properly than cake is. But when you get it right, perfectly flaky crust, perfect insides (not too juicy, not too dry, proper flavor balance) there is just nothing better anywhere.

I should add that by "pie" I mean fruit pies with both top and bottom crust. Other desserts in the pie area are fine, but they don't rise to the level of perfection that a fruit pie can. Oh, and a special place for mincemeat pie, not strictly speaking a fruit pie if done right.

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