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Originally Posted by dorvann View Post
I am surprised that these men believe it's actually a 14 year old girl they are talking with. As a middle aged man myself I'd be instantly suspicious if a 14 year old girl agreed to meet with me. Don't they look in the mirror and realize they are really not that attractive to someone that young? It's like ithey are delusional about how they are some sort of Casanova who is just going to sweep some young teen off her feet and run away together.
Originally Posted by hajario View Post
I wonder how many of the people that Hansen caught were at their first attempted meet or had actually been successful in the past.
I think dorvann's post addresses that well. One of Chris Hansen's gimmicks, early in the interview when he's still in "let them think I'm a law enforcement officer" mode, is to ask these guys if they've ever done this before, or let them volunteer that they've never done it before, then act all sardonically skeptical and say something like "you understand why I find that hard to believe." Yeah, right. What cute 13 year old girl is interested in a fat, bald, geeky looking 40 year old man? And before you say that these guys are conning the girls into thinking that they look like Justin Bieber or whoever the latest teen pop star is, the guys are sending accurate photos of themselves clearly revealing them to be fat, bald, geeky looking 40 year old men. It's not like we're talking about a guy who's the girls sports coach or whatever and has had the chance to "groom" her. I find it very hard to believe that there is an epidemic of 13 year old girls inviting fat, bald, forty-year-old, geeky looking strangers over to their houses when they're home alone.

The very first time they made this show they could legitimately call it an "investigation;" every episode since then is nothing more than soccer mom outrage porn.