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Originally Posted by xizor View Post
He had a computer back in the 70s?
Sure. It took a long time to load a web page from a cassette tape. Even longer for the site to mail it to you.
Originally Posted by Urbanredneck View Post
And the thing is, who ultimately pays? Society pays to put them in jail. Then what happens when they get out? With perv laws the way they are their are few places they can live and those often get flooded. Society (taxpayers) ends up finding them a place to live.
Part of the problem is (and I stress part) that guys who have these feelings but not yet acted on them have no place to turn to for help. Some time back one of Dan Savage's columns had a letter from a guy with strong but unacted upon ephebophilia. Feeling his control weakening, he went to a therapist who, as required by law, promptly notified the police. He was arrested, prosecuted for thought crime, and damn near convicted. Had he been, he would have been put on a sexual offender list with all of the notification and residence restrictions.

Savage was sympathetic and offered suggestions, but a large chunk of his readers -- pretty much an anything goes crowd so long as it's with an adult -- excoriated him. It made me imagine a gay man seventy-five years ago bowing to social pressure and seeking help for teh gay. 'Gay conversion therapy' is generally ineffective and I'm not sure convincing someone to not diddle a teen would be any more so, but these guys don't even have the option to try.