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Brock is always using his UFC ties as leverage in negotiating his contracts with WWE. WWE usually decides they'd rather, to paraphrase LBJ, "have him in the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in." I'm sure Brock isn't going to refuse a WM payday. He's just holding out until they add an extra 0 or two.

I remember after Dean Ambrose worked a match with Les, he offhandedly said he had to contend with the laziness. I gather if Brock doesn't want to do something, WWE doesn't really have any valid threats or incentives to change his mind. Having Paul Heyman at his side to draw more heat is a big plus as well. As long as Brock brings in the money, they're going to keep him as champ until they think somebody else will be a better draw. Supposedly, that's what they have in mind with Seth Rollins.