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Originally Posted by Nayna View Post
Has there been a “final” list? As far as I know, my recipient (harmonicamoon - sorry for the spoiler, but I think we can let the cat out of the bag at 38 days since mailing) - has not received, and presumably will not receive, my gift. I sent it via USPS on 12/4, and haven’t heard anything since. So disappointing for me, and I can’t imageine how sad harmonicamoon must be!
Hola Nayna. Thank you for the post.

I spent the first three weeks of December in the hospital. Got out last Saturday. I immediately searched the yard for a package or note from Mexico Correos. Nothing. This is a small pueblito and everyone at the post office knows me. I was able to get enough energy to go to their office today. They have not seen the package. Said there will be more mail from the USA tomorrow. And will bring it if it comes. So, there is still hope. They did ask for a tracking number. Do you have one?

Although Secret Santa gifts have always arrived here, there is always the chance they could get intercepted.

I am not sad. I appreciate you playing Secret Santa and agreeing to ship international. And the anticipation has been very exciting.

Life is good. Thank you for your efforts.

Vive Secret Santa!