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Peak Small Town

About a decade ago my co-worker/friend had to go back to her tiny home town in Nebraska for her mom's funeral; I wanted to support her as best I could from Middle Georgia by sending a basket of pastries to her. I didn't know what hotel she was staying at but there were only 2.
I called Hotel #1 and explained who I was looking for and what I wanted to do; they said she wasn't staying there, but was at the other hotel and did I want that phone #?
I called the Hotel #2, asked for her and was not only put through to her room, but given her room # - unheard of even then due to guest security; when she didn't pick up I asked to leave a message; the clerk literally went to the window to look for my friend's rental car, came back and said she must be at the funeral home but she was checking out that day anyway to go stay at her uncle's. Did I need that address? And did I want the bakery's # to order the food?
Hotel #1 had already called hotel #2 about me.
So I got the bakery's # (needless to say they didn't need my help w/ an address at all) and then had me call back to Hotel #2 to pay for it by card, b/c they only took cash. Same business or family? Nope, just a small town.
These folks weren't related to her, hadn't seen her in many years AND both her parents had been in a nursing home in another city for several years, plus she went by her married name. They still knew who she was and I don't think it was just good business sense. To me, that is peak small town.
What's your small town experience?