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Originally Posted by Lancia View Post
My current town has a population of ~20K, and it's fairly remote--the next town of any size (150K) is about 70 miles away. We have one decent Italian restraunt and a couple of passable Mexican restaurants. One or two very Americanized Chinese restraunts. And of course the usual fast food selections, Sizzler, and Applebees.

Let's put it this way: the locals consider Red Robin the epitome of haute cuisine. I refuse to partake.
I work in advertising, and 15+ years ago, I had Applebee's as a client. At one point, we got a new creative team assigned to the account, and the new art director told us that he was quite familiar with Applebee's -- he'd grown up in a small town in Oklahoma, and his parents considered Applebee's to be the "fancy restaurant" in town.