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Originally Posted by Bryan Ekers View Post
I wondered why it didn't occur to him to surrender to them. He's obviously not a Krill (though this episode somewhat clumsily establishes that Krill can disguise themselves) so the trolls shouldn't be after him, and this could be a valuable opportunity to make contact with a new space-faring and clearly advanced species who is a potential ally against the Krill. At it is, by engaging in a firefight with them and escaping in a recognizable Union shuttle, he may have just made the Union another enemy.

It's also somewhat annoying that the trolls (whose species name I clearly can't recall) take such a plot-convenient amount of time to find Mercer and whats-her-face. This race has interstellar tech, but then engage in inefficient foot-patrols though the jungle at night? No aerial surveillance, no infra-red, no sci-fi "bioscanners" or whatever? They seem strangely determined to hunt down every survivor of her ship, but little ability to cross the finish line.
The valley they were in had some kind of thing that prevented the thing from doing the thing - which is why Mercer had to climb the hill and do the stuff.

Why did Mercer leave whatshername with the gun when he woke up before her?