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Originally Posted by carnivorousplant View Post
If it is just the frequency of sunlight, sure a covering will protect her. How do they move about in daylight in previous episodes, environmental suits?
Yeah. CGI push button helmets, check out the season 1 trailer.

they're not as consistent with the light levels as they should be -- I'm having trouble figuring it all out. They killed the Krill by programming a massive burst of UV from the Krill ship's lighting system. Thing is, the ship wasn't that dark when Kryss and De'von were walking around. But whenever she's a prisoner, they dim The Orville lights down to half-way moody sci-fi levels. The Krill must know that, without encounter suits, they're one "tanning booth" burst away from being killed, the extra dimness isn't adding anything. Just so long as the light's aren't on at "burn Gordon" level, all the Krill are fine. In fact, does anyone want the ship at that high UV level? It will at least cause most of the crew to be really uncomfortable. Unless, they're all secretly, possibly, Krill.

So with massive cellular and tissue replacement, they can pass for human. But with only moderate tissue replacement, they should survive UV for a little while. Yeah direct sunlight is pretty bad, but if a cloth cover is all that's needed, they the Krill aren't really in danger from less than weaponized light levels.

The vibe I'm getting is low light is just to be accommodating, polite, or friendly. Like when Mercer asks how uncomfortable it was, working on the Orville with the brightness. They replaced all her tissues, so she's fine, health and safety-wise. But they still suggest shielding her from the light, but not for a really compelling reason -- on the Orville, or on a sunny day.