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My aunt was born in a small Kansas town (population ~4000) and lived there for 50 years, at which time she was widowed and subsequently married a man from a nearby town. When she passed away recently, her children decided to hold the funeral and bury her in her home town. There are actually two funeral homes and two florists in the town!

When I called a florist, the woman who answered the phone sounded like she was about 100 years old. But she was very competent and helpful and seemed to already know everything about the funeral. She assured me that she’d get the floral arrangement to the right place at the right time and that she’d make an arrangement that looked good with the other arrangements.

When I gave her payment information, she said, “You must be Titus’ daughter. I knew you aunt. She was a beautiful person”. I agreed, and we cried together on the phone for a few minutes.

I see that the town now has a Mexican restaurant.
On my aunt’s 70th birthday, her grandchildren took her to Red Lobster in Bigger City. She had never had seafood before.