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I have always lived in or near small towns < 2k people except for a few years in a college town (~35000.) Do not recall the last time I locked the car doors in my yard. Have to occasionally remind the wife to bring in her purse.

My mom was born in a similar area during the depression one state away. Picture Mayberry in the corn belt. She moved away at about age 5 after grandpa died. Her much older sister stayed behind with extended family. About 12 years ago, my family visited my aunt and her family. We were camping about 40 miles away over the 4th of July. On the third, her town has a "Teddy bear" parade. All the tykes would walk around the town square with a stuffed animal. Afterwards was a free ice cream social. Of course my cousins invited us to join them and their grandchildren for the event. The next day was the 4th festivities. My youngest son was about 4. He was in their parade on my cousin's tractor. My older sons took part in the kids water barrel fight. (use a fire hose and shoot at a suspended barrel, moving it to your opponents end with water flow.) Kids division was 12 and under. Didn't need teams, just get in line.
FF five years to my aunt's funeral. My brother and I drove 7 hours and went straight to the wake. We planned on finding a hotel about 30 miles away afterwards. Nonsense. My cousin told us to use her mom's house, she wasn't. We're like "what would the neighbor's say." She's like I'll call them. BTW, the house was unlocked. We throw our bags in the house and walk about 3 blocks to the only open bar. It was a Sunday night. Only people in the joint was the bartender and her sister. No smoking inside so all four of us would go out to smoke on the sidewalk every 20 minutes or so.
Definitely an area I wouldn't mind retiring to except for their winter is no better than here.

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