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I have lots of small town stories.

Not long ago, a thumbdrive must have fallen out of my pocket at the barber shop while I was waiting. The barber knew I had something to do with computers, so it must be mine; couldn't remember my name, but knew I was a Realtor. But which real estate office? There are two on the same block as the barber's.

So a customer took the thumbdrive to the nearest office. It wasn't my company, but they knew who I was, and who I worked for, and they called me up and I got my thumbdrive back.

If they had taken it to the other broker on the block, they would have known me, too.

Our rural postal carrier saw that my mailbox had been shattered by the snowplow the other day, but she knew I also had a PO Box, so she put all my mail in that without my filling out a change of address card.