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One more story about small towns, and this time I mean small.

In the summer of 1967 I was just out of the sixth grade. My teacher was getting married in a little town about fifty miles to the north of my city. It happens to be where my Dad was born.

There were two little churches, one Methodist and one Lutheran. The wedding was at the Methodist church. My folks drove me and three other girls from my class up to the wedding. I was all dressed up, the first time I wore nylons! Gloves even. Mom had coached me on wedding etiquette and I felt so grown up when the usher offered me his arm after asking us "Friends of the bride or groom?"(MY teacher was the groom)

After dropping us girls at the Methodist church my folks drove over to the Lutheran church to see if it was open. Folks saw them looking in the windows and told them "The wedding's down that way!" They all knew about that of course and assumed my folks were lost wedding guests, not burglars.