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Went for my drivers licence in the local small town.

Cops there know all the farm kids have probably been driving cars, trucks, utes, tractors etc on unprepared roads since primary school so when we turn 16 and go for our driver licence it's our knowledge of the road rules rather than whether we can handle the vehicle that's the determinant issue.

For my test it was probably the first time I'd ever seen a policeman up close, let alone spoken to one. Big gruff bastard. Drove around the town. Did four left hand turns, a right hand U-turn and saw no car in either direction. Passed. Being away from home at boarding school I didn't drive a vehicle on the road during the 9 months of my "P" plate period. Hey presto! I have a full drivers licence.

Cousin went to same station about the same time. Now in our neck of the Riverina it's flat. Real flat. A rise of more than a couple of metres is called a hill or rise because it's too hilly to irrigate. So you park the car you leave it in neutral if it's a manual. It isn't going to roll anywhere. Anyhow when Sally did her test her father drove to the cop shop. Being mindful of the scrutiny he thought it might be a good idea to leave the car in Reverse when he (parallel) parked. When Sally went to start the car she just turned the key in the ignition, not putting her foot on the clutch, just as we all did out there. The vehicle lurched backwards violently and knocked over her father who was standing behind the car. The impact was severe enough to put him in hospital for a day's observation. She passed.

Next door neighbours kids were all car nuts and a bit wild. When the one my age went for his driving test the cops gave him his licence without doing the test. When his father asked why the policeman said "I've been chasing George around the streets of town regularly for a couple of years now. I know he can drive. Now I've got something I can take off him."