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Reporting in from supermarket expeditions:

I now have tried five different brands of chocolate hommus: Sabra, Joseph's, Cedar's, Boar's Head, and Tribe. They were all good, but Tribe's was best: darker than the others, a definite dark chocolate flavor, and very smooth. Also, it's only 40 calories per two-tablespoon serving while the others are 80.

Meanwhile, I have also discovered Sabra's caramelized onion hommus, which is to die for. Their pine nut hommus ain't too shabby, either.

Now I'm taking a break from hommus to enjoy some Icelandic Provisions skyr (a yogurt-like dairy product), key lime flavor. Going to see if the store also carries their coconut skyr, next time I go shopping.

Hurrah for globalization if it can bring us such gustatory delights!