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You know when you live in a small county when:

An envelope simply addressed bare in Idaho shows up in your mailbox. Yep, my doper handle and it wasn't a doper that a sent it, but on old friend that only knew me as bare, my nickname from years ago. No address, not even a zip code. I had to quiz the postmaster about that and all she could tell me is that "we have ways". A few years later I ran into my old mail lady that ran our rural route and she's the one that remembered my nickname from more than 40 years ago and got the mail directed to the intended recipient.

Another time I started getting calls from all over the county. A woman was asking for my whereabouts by name, explaining that I'd once saved her life. Heh, nobody would tell her where to find me or even hand over my phone number, thinking they were protecting me.

It was super frustrating when nobody bothered to get her name, vehicle description or even a license plate. She was persistent but I was at a loss of who it could be. Finally she managed to find me at home, a couple days later, same place she last saw me. Was an old girlfriend looking to reconnect and reminisce 35 years later.