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Originally Posted by El_Kabong View Post
Meanwhile, I found the premise of tonight's ep...problematic. A civilization that clearly understands and, in most cases practices the scientific method completely ignores science in favor of astrology when it comes to government policies on social behavior?

*contemplates some recent actions of our own government*

Oookay. Still, might have been more plausible with a less-technologically-advanced civilization, but in this universe, the Union apparently doesn't show up unless they're invited, and that seems to require some sort of electronic transmission tech, at minimum.
Earth sent out its first purposeful interstellar message in the 70s and I'm sure you'll agree that not all our policies on social behaviour were science based at the time. This planet was basically a theocracy with a caste system. The twist in the caste system, being birthday based rather than ancestry, seems to me would be less vulnerable to social change for that reason. You're clearly allowed to game the system so your children don't get put in the untouchables caste.

Can't say I loved the episode but I did like the first officer's justification for the break out attempt: "hey, they think we're bad so being bad doesn't break first contact principles. We're giving them what they want".