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Originally Posted by Mijin View Post
I thought the obvious thing to say would have been "Oh you're right, they're Jiliacs. Well, no need to trouble yourselves, we have prison facilities on our ship".
Also, when you land in the first place surely you have some kind of protection from attack (although I can handwave it; maybe they let their guard down after a time because the Rigorians seemed so hospitable).

But overall, as SenorBeef said: a TNG episode played straight. 2 ways diverged slightly:

1. How excited everyone got about first contact. Even if it was a bit silly, it was cute.
2. Bortus and Kelly capping punks was not something that would have happened on TNG. Even if Picard killed plenty of mooks they rarely (ever?) used regular guns because it just seems too real to 21st century humans.
They certainly seemed to handle alien projectile weapons fairly well. Kudos to Union training!