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Last night I was getting a little paranoid. It was clearly becoming worse, not better and my whole arm was achy and sore. I took some Advil and wrapped it up in a heating pad. It seems to have improved a lot today. I'll likely follow the same routine when I get home tonight. I've still got a really gross looking vein standing out across the bone in my wrist. Yuck!

I was once told to simply request someone from neonatal for this problem. The same person told me that if a person jabbed me twice without hitting a vein to make them stop and request someone else. I now refuse to sit in a chair while someone jabs me five or six times with a needle. I get vaso-vagal reaction anyway, so it's yucky for me.

When I was in the E.R. over kidney stones my nurse looked at my arms and then got on the P.A. and announced, "We have an I.V. challenge in room 3A!" Embarrassing. But they did get someone good in. Got it on the first try.