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Originally Posted by monstro View Post
It's been a long time since I've cried five times in a year, let alone in a month.

But it's funny. When I'm telling other women tales about my various adventures, I tend to perpetrate like I cry all the time. I even simulate crying to make whomever I'm talking to laugh as I'm telling a story. It has been my experience that most women tend to find humor in crying jags. Especially hormone-induced crying jags.

But I don't do this when I'm talking to guys. Probably because I want to be the "cool chick". Cool chicks don't cry. They make fun of women who cry.
I do exactly the same thing! I often say "I cried about X" when I am talking to women and I want to explain that I reached a certain level of emotional intensity. I overplay how much I cry because I feel like it's expected in certain situations and not crying would make me seem cold. It's also a useful short-hand to explain just how upset I was.

On the other hand, with men, I avoid mentioning that I cried even if I did, because I know that that causes me to lose status.