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Originally Posted by Eyebrows 0f Doom View Post
I fear I may have overstated the real life Doominess of my Brows. This will have to do:
Now I just want to see a photo of someone covered in bees on there!
And this will have to satisfy your bee desires.

Parts or all of the following may or may not be true:

I attempted to send my picture in to AW, but he determined that my rugged good looks were too similar to Colin Farrell and was concerned people would think I was merely pretending to be him. So we came to the mutual decision that my picture would not be featured for fear of the real Mr. Farrell seeking to know why his likeness is being passed off as someone that goes by the alias "covered in bees" when in fact him and I are practically twins.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!