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Covered_In_Bees!, your post reminds me, I meant to include in this thread a link to another thread in ATMB
where some of the issues of privacy (regarding any poster's communications with me about the SDMB Portrait Gallery) were discussed. Short story, I don't give out your personal information to anybody (e.g. real name or e-mail address, if you use those to send me a photo, or website where you tell me to get the photo from.)

To all:
Regarding the photos you send me, as mentioned in the OP of this thread, obviously I can't check if the photo you send me is really a photo of you. But it's better if it is, otherwise putting up a photo in this particular gallery is kind of pointless. At least that's the way I feel about it, if people have different opinions you can start a poll in IMHO and we can see what the general feeling is.
Which is why, if you send me a photo and tell me "this is a photo of someone else but I happen to look just like this other person" I probably won't include it in the gallery. On the other hand if you send me a photo I'm not going to scour the web looking for a similar photo to rule out the possibility that you simply copied and pasted a picture of Xavier G. Higginsbottom, the famous pop singer from Papua New Guinea. On the third hand, if you send me a photo of a celebrity I recognize, I will allow myself the privilege of saying "Are you kidding me?" So no pictures of Barack Obama (unless your registered e-mail address at the SDMB is and your SDMB username is POTUS.)

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