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Originally Posted by Lumpy View Post
How? Declaring your house a gun-free home doesn't advertise valuables; I'd like to hear how a gun-free home is an enticement.
You'll be glad to hear that I don't think declaring your home gun free would be an enticement. Thieves look for empty houses to rob, something "I need muh gun fer perteckshun" types just can't seem to grasp. Guns are, in fact, completely useless at protecting your valuables unless you're home, guarding them, with family members taking shifts watching over your fine whatevers. I'm guessing unfinished coloring books in your own case, or maybe a smokeless ashtray.

Putting up a sign declaring your house gun free would just be lame, largely because it wouldn't make a difference, unless you're trying to advertise something else, like how you're real hip and socially aware and smug. In that case, it would probably be effective. In my own personal neighborhood, it would be redundant. Nobody keeps guns in their homes around here. And yet, somehow, we remain polite and rarely riot or loot.

When one thinks about it--like I'm sure you could do with some effort, for instance you totally noticed that I was making fun of you earlier, so well done for that--advertising that you do or don't have a gun with a sign on your house is a stupid idea, which is why people largely don't, opting instead to advertise their security companies. It's not nearly as stupid as your "let's give everybody a gun and see what happens" idea... hang on, I'm giving you a bit too much credit, let's call it not an idea but a brain miscarriage or something like, anyway, kudos, you're not as stupid as you were that time when you actually took the effort to type out the worst idea that a person could possibly have that doesn't involve krokodil. Don't get me wrong, your daring challenge to have people who don't own guns to purchase and display a sign reading "no guns" is deeply, arrestingly backward, but still much improved.

And yes, Lumpy, I am making fun of you again, in case you weren't sure. I don't mean to alarm you, but I think some others are as well.