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Originally Posted by bosbfdsfd View Post
So don't use them to protect yourself, your love and tolerance will keep the bad men away, I promise.
It's worked for me for 61 years.

Sure, if you live in a high-crime area, or if your work takes you into such places, or if someone's stalking you with lethal intention, then having a gun to protect yourself makes all the sense in the world.

But for the vast majority of us who live and work and shop in places that are perfectly safe to navigate without a firearm within easy reach, and have deadbolts on our solid wood exterior doors to keep the largely hypothetical bad guys from breaking in, the risk from keeping a firearm is greater than the risk of being without one.

And when too many people in otherwise safe circumstances choose to arm themselves because they think they might be the 'good guy with a gun' who takes out an all-but-nonexistent 'bad guy with a gun,' this causes the risk of harm to the rest of us to go up, not down. Because not all 'good guys' are good guys all the time, and not all 'responsible gun owners' exercise appropriate care all the time. And as a result, there are more opportunities for shit to happen.