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Comedian Chris Rock has said that we don't need to regulate guns, what we need to do is regulate bullets. NPR had a story yesterday (7/8/19) concerning Virginia's efforts to restrict guns at government public meetings and on government property in response to the Virginia Beach mass killings. That being the case, if the Virginia government can't restrict people from having guns on public property, can they at least prevent people from having live ammo there? Does requiring gun-toting 2nd Amendment types to check their bullets at the door violate the 2nd Amendment? What do you smart people say?
The NPR story I referred to talked about public officials such as city council members wanting to ban gun-wielding citizens from bringing their AK-47s to city council meetings as a show of force to attempt to intimidate people. In that situation, I think banning ammo, and having people have to unload their weapons at the door, get a receipt for their ammo, and pick them up after the meeting would be entirely appropriate. Needing their weapons for self protection would be superfluous as their safety would be in the hands of policemen and guards at the meeting place. I think such a restriction would be entirely reasonable, not burdensome or costly, and would withstand judicial scrutiny. IMHO YMMV,