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Originally Posted by Anny Middon View Post
I was thinking ammunition tax, but a lot higher than 30%. Plus an equally high tax on gunpowder so that making your own bullets would also be expensive. I suspect that mass shootings would become, if not less common, then perhaps less deadly. The Las Vegas shooter is estimated to have fired 1100 rounds. I f each bullet cost him $5, how many rounds would he have shot?
That particular guy was gambling and winning/losing much greater sums, up to millions so might not have affected him at all.

In general it might, but I think the simple answer is that regulating ammunition rather than guns is not a clever get-around to the 2nd amendment. If whatever you do is intended to, and does, accomplish the goal of making it much more onerous to have guns, then it will be viewed by courts the same as laws with do that directly. And, it will be viewed that way by legislatures. Some states legislatures have strong anti-gun majorities so no need for clever get arounds. Others have strong pro-gun majorities and either tight ammo or gun restrictions are not gonna happen. In theory at the federal level the Democratic party is for more gun control, but in practice that's significantly limited by needing to hold onto pro-gun swing districts and states in order to have majorities in Congress. And the Republicans are generally against more federal gun control. That basic situation is not much affected by whether it's guns or ammo one seeks to restrict.

Say in a state where gun control is popular, I could see a marginal benefit perhaps to ammo taxes or controls over magazine capacity limits because it's hard to pass and enforce *retroactive* magazine capacity limits (a few states have passed them, hard to say how really enforceable). A point of sale restriction on new ammunition (or primers/propellant/bullets for DIY ammo makers) is arguably more effective because ammunition is meant to be expended then replaced. However while properly stored ammo doesn't last totally indefinitely like a properly cared for gun or magazine, it still lasts for decades if stockpiled and properly stored.