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Originally Posted by psychonaut View Post
Pure heroin should be odourless. Any vinegar smell comes from impurities introduced through the acteylation reaction in its manufacture.
Should be, yes, however we all know that theory and actuality are not always the same. A complete, perfect, 100% yielding reaction would leave no acetic anhydride or acetic acid, as it would all be bound to the 3- and 6- sites of the morphine (the hydroxyl groups). But this is rarely the case, I don't know about you but I never got fresh, 100% pure, heroin. I say fresh because heroin will degrade into morphine and acetic acid in the presence of water, even water vapor. So heroin on the "real world," never in ideal conditions and often not done by professional chemists will either have the acetic acid smell as a byproduct, or more likely, and harder to avoid, over time it gives off more and more of a vinegar scent. (Just like aspirin... pop open an old bottle of it and see how much its decomposed, giving off a vinegar scent).

I say this both as a student of chemistry, and a former user of heroin. It always smelled like vinegar to some extent, some more than others. Powder heroin is usually more pure, as further steps are taken to do so, and for this reason it isn't as vinegar-smelling as black tar heroin (what I'm most used to, here in California). Black tar, made in Mexico, by what I will assume are non PhD-holding chemists, and undergoing less purification than say South American/Golden Triangle/etc heroin, has always smelled (and tasted) like vinegar. Acrid and disgusting, but like vinegar (acetic acid).

I always read SD on my phone when I have a spare minute or two, so its hard for me to post up a proper reply, I hope this does for now but I'll be back later to see if anyone has anything to dispute or to add their own experiences.