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Originally Posted by Unintentionally Blank View Post
Consider yourselves lucky. Twice a month I get to drop $25 for the 10 hour, 30-cap Claritin-D

I'd LOVE to be able to buy, I dunno, 100 at a time, but it's OTC. I'd love to save a little dough on my constant an forever-after allergy condition.

$600 a year for PART of my regimen. The eyedrops last a long time at $12 a bottle. The Nasal spray lasts quite awhile at $10 copay per bottle. But without that REAL decongestant, I'm deaf, can't smell, and am nearly unfunctional.

And yeah, I expect the TSA to take over the pharmacy soon. Making 99% of the population suffer for the less than 1% that causes the problems is fargin stupid. They just buy it in bulk and manufacture the stuff south of the border.
loratadine (claritin) and sudafed (the D part) are both available in generic. the downside is you would take two pills instead of one, but it might make a considerable savings for you, depending on your insurance plan. I find I pay less if I just buy OTC than if I send it through my insurance plan.