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Originally Posted by Hirka T'Bawa View Post
Congress is the ones who set up all the rules and regulations on psuedoephedrine sales, as part of the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005. However, the various states have made a lot of their own rules, which might be stricter then the national requirements.
Thanks for the tip. It's nice to know that these decisions aren't being made by some random guy in the basement of the FDA. On the other hand it seems, to me, like a waste of congress' time to be crafting laws about every drug that may or may not be used for illegitimate purposes.

Led me to the Wiki CMEA Wiki that included this interesting statement:

"The CMEA requires record-keeping and identification of all sales and reports to law enforcement of any 'suspicious' transactions. Purchasers are limited to '3.6 grams of pseudoephedrine base' per day and 9 grams per month. (Buying more than that is a federal misdemeanor.)"[2]
So basically, unless someone keeps track of my psuedoephedrine purchases, it would be easy for me to go over the limit and inadvertently commit a federal misdemeanor. It appears that some of the pharmacies I've been to lately have some sort of system to track purchases. A system that is broken for me because they got a typo in my driver's license expiration date that says mine has expired. Maybe when I get a new license in 2 years they will be able to correct the error and I can buy psuedophed again.

I also would like to understand how a pharmacy employee is supposed to judge whether a person is 'suspicious.' I get the stinkeye every time ask for the stuff so I have to wonder if there is the air of a meth addict about me.