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Originally Posted by engineer_comp_geek View Post
I've been wearing reading glasses for about 10 years. There's no way I would wear the $3 cheapies. It's the $5 to $7 cheapies for me. The lens quality is a bit better and they are a bit sturdier and are just more comfortable overall.

From everything I've read about them, they won't hurt your eyes. On the other hand, if you wear cheapies instead of going to get an actual eye exam you might actually have some sort of problem with your eyes that isn't being diagnosed. Also, the cheapies are obviously not custom made for your eyes, so they are the same lens in both eyes, which isn't ideal for your vision. They also can't correct for things like astigmatism. But hey, what do you expect for 3 bucks.

Yep. Dont get the super cheapos but the regular drug store kind are fine, in fact that what my eye doctor told me to get.