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Ok, now we're getting somewhere,

Originally Posted by Blake View Post
The body most certainly does signal to the thermostat from core temperature. Your claims that it doesn't are completely and utterly incorrect in every conceivable way.
Well, no shit, good thing I never said that.

Let's go back to the beginning.
Since this is not a thread about the broad mechanisms of homeostatic thermoregulation I skipped over the imput of core temperature and christ do I wish I hadn't now.

In answer to the question the OP asked I'm saying that since sensors in your skin signal surface changes to the thermostat, a very steep gradient, such as would be caused by cold water, can trigger heat conserving measures such as vasoconstriction and cessation of sweating even before the core temp has normalized from your work out. Therefore, I'm suggesting that a cool shower which will absorb heat from skin that continues to be flooded with blood will probably draw off more heat in a short period of time than a cold one.

If you interpreted my earlier posts as being substantively different, than you have substantively misunderstood me.

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