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Originally Posted by Zyanthia View Post
One thing I've been curious about on these types of games, is there a mathematical formula that you can use to optimize your workforce? Is it more optimal to have 10K miners and 1K farmers to keep your gear up to date, or is it more optimal to have 10K farmers and 1K miners so you can have more trimps faster?

(I know, I left wood out but I was trying to keep it simple and 2 variables is easier than 3).
There are just way too many variables for one clean formula. And the state of the game changes significantly at certain key points, so it's best to focus on those:

Early zones: a roughly equal ratio of all 3 resources is fine.

Late 30s through 59: prioritize food production (not for "having more Trimps faster" though, but so you can buy as many tributes as possible to increase your gem production). You will need the gems in order to buy as many Collectors as possible from 50-59. But also make sure you have enough wood to buy enough gyms to keep your block higher than the enemy's attack (this isn't that hard when you hit the key Gymystic levels: 40/45/50/55). As long as you meet that requirement, you don't need any more wood.

Metal is not as important during these levels, because the cost of higher tier equipment becomes prohibitively high and you don't need it if your block meets the minimum standard explained above. As long as you have at least ~700 Qa combined health and block (and it will be almost entirely block), you can make it through 59 and stop purchasing any equipment upgrades.

60+: After breaking the planet at zone 60, all the equipment costs are reduced by 90%, and at this point metal becomes extremely important and should be prioritized. Not only for that reason, but also because Warpstations cost a massive amount of metal in addition to gems. My ratio of farmers/lumberjacks/miners now is roughly 2:1:4.

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