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Originally Posted by typoink View Post
I think it's fair to say this show is going to be a huge disappointment if you go in wanting a clean, faithful, direct adaptation of Pratchett's works. They're taking aggressive liberties. Sybil is obviously going to be completely different character, the status of the Watch is a bit different, and I think the overall flavor of the city is going to be shifted. And, brace yourselves now, but I'll damn near guarantee that Cheery isn't going to actually be portrayed as a female with a bushy beard.

I'm absolutely fine with that. I don't think Pratchett's writing survives direct adaptation. The prior adaptations are all varying levels of okay to hokey. I don't need a "live action" version of the stories I've already read and reread. If the showrunners make a decent show that draws good inspiration from Pratchett and finds a good balance of humor, adventure, and satire, I'll be completely on-board.
I'll give them something of a break on casting Cheery, because finding somebody unusually short, female, heavily bearded, capable of acting the part, and willing to do so may not be possible (though someone more up on current actors than I am might be able to suggest somebody, especially since the beard could certainly be added. Skipping the beard is a problem, though, unless they're going to also have beardless male dwarves, since if Discworld dwarf women don't have beards the whole nobody's-supposed-to-be-able-to-tell thing falls apart.)

And I'd give them a break on Sybil's age, as long as she's at least mid-twenties, since a woman in most societies will have noticed by then if she's not considered marriage material by most in the society.

But I'm not going to give them a break on fat/conventionally unattractive. Because Pratchett, as always, is making a point, which he's trying very hard to drive into the back of readers' heads while they're busy laughing. And the point being made in Guards! Guards! is that, all those people who get written off as useless? Don't do that; because a lot of them aren't useless at all, and it's quite possible they're going to be the only ones who can save your ass.

What the casters are proving if they make Sybil conventionally pretty is exactly that either they didn't get the point -- and so shouldn't be trying to adapt, translate, or whatever, Pratchett, because they're bound to screw it up -- or that they got the point, don't like it, and are deliberately counteracting it; which if true is nasty.